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Posted By: zukow. on 2011/3/27 20:47:07
New version of SCANdal - scanner frontend has been released. It could be downloaded from Aminet:
This version have many fixes and some other improvements.

Halftones, sharpness and threshold support
Sliders show float values
Major rework of options handling
Saving projects (default + named ones) and loading default automatically during Connect, projects
are active only after connecting to the scanner
Premiliary AREXX commands support with a help of Czeko who also did some cleanup in the code
SAVE NAME/K/A,FORMAT/N/A, if You want some other Arexx api added just write an email to me
Major rework of device prefs, one can select connection type (USB or other) to avoid confusion
"Connect at startup" switch in prefs which automatically set tooltype in the icon
Hidding bottom panel
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    I use SCANdal v1.6 quite a bit, with my Mac Mini 1.5GHz running MOS v3.6 and have a few issues with it.

    I would really like to see the Zoom feature implemented for being able to scan a specific area of a document/image, and if possible 'pan' around in the image to be able to ensure I have all I want captured within the scan area. The scan area/page would be a lot better if it was possible to re-size the rulered window/area for scanning so that it filled the whole screen, and that way the image would appear larger on screen, but as the size of the scan window does not change even if the window is enlarged this is another limitation of SCANdal that I would be grateful to be rid of.

    More serious than that is that after using or while using SCANdal I find that my USB devices become unrecognised once unplugged and re-inserted or when an entirely new device is connected, and a reboot is required to get them recognisable/useable on MOS.

    I also find that while using the Beta for the CUPS printing that you are working on if I try to print something after/during SCANdal running at the same time, or even after it has closed/quit it also causes the same problem.

    I use an HP 2500 CLJ which is attached via USB, and usually I get a message indicating that the USBPAR: device could not be found, but if I use the printer before starting up SCANdal the printing system works as well as I could expect, but as soon as SCANdal starts up I might as well forget printing until I reboot. This surely is not supposed to be the way the program works, as it is certainly clashing with parts of the USB system, if not other parts of MOS as well.

    I use an Epson 1640SU Scanner, which works well under SCANdal, but brings about these printing issues.

    Anyway, I was scanning something tonight, and then thought I would look up something online, so I loaded up OWB v1.24 and soon after OWB had finished loading and as I was trying to load a webpage OWB went into 'meditation' - which it has never done before, at that point of loading.

    So, I carried out the same procedure as before, rebooted, then loaded SCANdal, and then tried to launch OWB - same issue 'program is meditating' - reboot required.

    So, after reboot I just loaded OWB on its own, and no issues - it MUST be a problem with SCANdal. so I thought I had better point it out, as that too needs fixing.
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