Software : : Sermonatrix 0.3 - Charsets encoding support
Posted By: Tcheko. on 2011/3/11 10:34:47
Sermonatrix, a new IRC client for MorphOS, gained character sets transcoding feature today. Current implementation is designed for testing. No default setting for charsets can be saved in server configuration yet. This will change once the charsets encoding support is fully tested and reported as stable.

How to use charsets encoding in Sermonatrix?

For every channel/private joined, charset is settable with the help of a new command named /charset. This command accepts three kinds of usage:

[list]Get the list of supported charsets: /charset ?[/list][list]See the currently used charset: /charset[/list][list]Set a charset for the channel (public or private chat): /charset charsetname[/list]

Notice that server to client messages and client to server messages are encoded with the defined charset. Sermonatrix 0.3 client has been successfully tested with UTF-8 charset encoding. Archive can be downloaded here: Sermonatrix 0.3