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Posted By: Minuous. on 2010/12/6 10:58:48
Amigan Software are proud to announce that the popular multi-platform game "Worm Wars", already available for AmigaOS/AROS/Windows/GBA, has been ported to MorphOS by Stefan Haubenthal.

This is an advanced Tron/Snake-style arcade game for up to 4 simultaneous players.

Available from

<span style="text-decoration: underline;">Features:</span><span style="font-weight: bold;">
32 object types
34 creature types
integrated level editor
level shuffling option
saved high score tables
bonus levels
human and/or Amiga worm control
sound effects
4 joystick players simultaneously
4 CD³² gamepad players simultaneously
2 keyboard players simultaneously
standard GUI installer script
optional custom font
source code
0-4 players simultaneously
help windows
screenmode sensitive
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    I remember playing this countless hours on Amiga.. good to see its being developed :) <- Free music
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    - no CPU-hogging SDL-crap
    - no ReAction/ClassAct :-P

    - sound-FX (even a CPC sounds better)
    - Requesters (when quitting) have black gadgets with black text.

    To see:
    - gameplay, must read manual to know what I'm suppose to do :roll:
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    >sound-FX (even a CPC sounds better)

    They sound effects are fine AFAICT. An Amstrad CPC can only do 5-bit sampled sound in mono, whereas Worm Wars uses 8-bit sampled sounds and supports stereo (see

    >Requesters (when quitting) have black gadgets with black text.

    Apparently this only happens on planar screens, so you might like to try with other screenmodes. Whether this is a Worm Wars bug or a MorphOS bug has not yet been determined.

    >gameplay, must read manual to know what I'm suppose to do :roll:

    Did you try on Easy mode (the default), it clearly explains what to do ("Collect numbers 1-9 to clear level"), and gradually introduces the various creatures and objects. I don't know how it could possibly be made more obvious.
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