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Posted By: MDW. on 2010/8/8 2:39:01
Fortis for MorphOS updated to version 1.1
The MorphOS version of Encore Games' action shooter title "Fortis" has been updated to version number 1.1.

The full version of the game is available here.

<span style="text-decoration: underline;">Change list:</span>

- Last entered nicknames (for each profile separately) is stored and used as default when you enter a new nickname (suggested: MaveRick).

- Changes in French texts (thanks for Jegougou).

- Small changes of registration rules for MorphOS version.

- Hiding close application button when on-screen keyboard is showed.

- New help screens (higher resolution).

- C++ sources synchronized with Objective-C sources (lots of changes in game and engine after adding support of iPhone4 and iPad).

- Changes in many parts of the engine of the game, which do not affect the look and feel of the game.

- If a player doesn't have enough money for buy something, the store between levels is hidden (suggested: Recedent).

- Fast double back key turns back the hero ship (suggested: Solo Kazuki).

- Fixed occasional error with wrong rotation of the hero ship after a collision (thanks for Arbuz and Recedent).

- Fixed error with fonts in game after changing language.

- Changed profile info texts after finishing all stages and levels of the game (thanks for Koszer and Roschmyr).

- Fixed loading screen (removed ugly flickering of the screen).
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    Very nice game! Thanks for the enhancements and fixes!

    We had much fun on the last meeting playing your game. Keep up the good work!


    And don? t take those "the game is not worth the money" comments on appstore too serious. The game is at the lowest price and IMHO even $4,99 would be a good price, but there are always people who want everything for free.

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  • Order of the Butterfly
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    Is possible add more language support to fortis? I am working to translate it to spanish from the original english text, but need some changes to adjust the words.

    Great work encore!
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    thx for the update!
    would you consediring to release some banner/logo, ad picture for us who wanna advertise fortis on our pages?
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    thx MDW for this update ;)
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    Thanks this rulez!
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    How about a PSP version .. this way it would be available for PSP and PS3 users at PSN-store. I'd buy it for a few euros ;)

    You are right. I have bought several small games recently for a few euros and while the games are not spectacular they still deliver good fun. My latest buy was 1942 which at 5 euros is an incredible game! <- Free music
  • »2010/8/12 5:02
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  • Caterpillar
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    Bought it for the iPhone. Thanks!

    Robert :-)
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  • MDW
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    Thank you for your opinion (it is very important for us). Th. iPhone/iPod/iPad users can buy a lot of great games with really high gameplay on the AppStore. Gameplay in Fortis isn't hight. :) Next our games will be better and more casual. :)

    Thank you! Adding next languages is possible. However it isn't very easy because the game contains not only texts. There are pictures for specific languages. Adding language requires a lot of work. I would like to add more languages but unfortunately now we have no time. :( The sale of the game isn't good, so we would like to make next (better) game.

    We have created several banners which can be used for advertise Fortis for iPhone/iPod/iPad. There are the banners:
    The banners will be modified later because they aren't very interesting now. :)

    Unfortunately we have no experience in developing for PSP. If we had more free time, I would ported the engine and game for Android and Samsung Bada. However I think that we should continue developing next game...

    Your results are impossible. We didn't expect that someone would finish the Fortis. Congratulation!
    As you see on your screenshot, we changed text when all levels are finished. In version 1.0 there was "stage 4, level 1". :)

    Thank you! The sale of the Fortis is very low so each customer is very important for us. We would be grateful for comment on the AppStore, if you like the game.

    I am sorry for my poor English. I think my C/C++/ObjC/Java are better than my English. :)

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