Development : : Python 2.5.4, PyMUI and Gribouillis released
Posted By: Yomgui. on 2009/11/10 16:45:02
Guillaume - Yomgui - ROGUEZ has released the Python language port in 2.5.4 version.

To celebrate that, he also released a Python module name PyMUI that give an easy way to develop MUI user interface, directly in Python scripts, like WxPython does for external example. And it's not finished: to celebrate PyMUI, a Proof-Of-Concept named Gribouillis is also released by the same author.Gribouillis a (currently) simple drawing application with the special feature to not limit your drawing in size: borderless painting.‏ And to celebrate Gribouillis... no, that's quite enough for now :-)

So, get all the related installation instructions and downlad the respective archives on his development wiki page (translated in English) that can be found at the following address:

Enjoy :-)
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    PyMUI rocks ! Scripting is often a pleasure ;)
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    Excellent news!

    As a Python programmer, this is (almost) all I need to write apps for MorphOS!!! The time ticking is on from now :-)
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