Development : : Open Video Toaster Now Available as a Downloadable ISO Image
Posted By: discreetfx. on 2009/8/28 0:23:44
Chicago, Illinois ‏ August 25th, 2009
For Immediate ReleaseOpen Video Toaster Now Available as a Downloadable ISO Image

Programmers have requested more complete and example code from Open Video Toaster. This has always been available via a $9.95 CD-ROM that was shipped by snail mail. Coders wanted something faster so in an effort to appease their instant gratification request DiscreetFX has now made this CD-ROM available via a instant down-loadable ISO image. The cost still remains $9.95 since this is a big file and our server is going to take a hit with lots of downloads. This change in policy should get the complete Amiga Video Toaster Flyer source to many more coders especially overseas programmers that never really got to enjoy the Video Toaster on their Amiga's.

The larger goal of Open Video Toaster is to stimulate development of video editing and video production software for MorphOS 2.x, Amiga OS 4.x & AROS. Dedication and passion is what will bring Amiga successor operating systems back into relevance, not mysterious companies who's true motives are unknown. Once upon a time with Video Toaster the Amiga was king of desktop video and computer assisted video editing. While in today's modern times it can no longer be king it could yet again be one of the many choices customers consider. The Amiga Video Toaster's ease of use and learning curve are still relevant even after all this time. You will not be editing you next HD block buster with the Amiga Video Toaster but you could teach yourself video editing in about 20 minutes.

Amiga Video Toaster 4000 & Flyer cards are getting hard to come by so the importance of Open Video Toaster grows. If you have any questions or need our help understanding the Amiga Video Toaster Flyer please let us know.

Download source code and or purchase your instant OVT ISO from the following: Open Video Toaster
Once you send in your payment you will receive an e-mail with login details to download the OVT ISO via FTP.

Best regards
DiscreetFX Team
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    where is the bounty for this project under MorphOS? i suppose it's a -must have- application in these days...

    bye, MarK.
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    First bounty is already posted to the site. Porting ToasterCG to MorphOS or MorphCG. Bounty is $500 so far.
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    Sadly I think its just a pipe dream with only a few people even remotely capable of taking on such a challenge. The time and investment it would take is much greater then just a cheap PC with the new toaster hardware installed. I woul dlike to be proven wrong though.
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