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Posted By: Targhan. on 2003/9/6 16:07:31
In a recent announcement on MorphOS-News.de BBRV announces information regarding the long anticipated Pegasos-II.

The Pegasos II will go on sale soon. The first limited production of the Pegasos II will be for 600 units. Here is the way we are going to do this:

The Pegasos II will go on sale soon. The first limited production of the Pegasos II will be for 600 units. Here is the way we are going to do this:

1. 100 Pegasos II G4s will be reserved for existing Pegasos I G3 owners on a first come first serve basis. Individuals will be sent the new Pegasos upon receipt of 200 Euros and must have registered for the SuperBundle and 1.4 upgrade to be eligible. They will be provided with the information required to return the Pegasos I. There will be a 35 Euro shipping and handling charge, which includes both delivery and return. If the exchange occurs through a valid Reseller the charge is only 10 Euro. It is our current feeling that this exchange should be handled exclusively through the PegasosPPC website by the Resellers or by the Pegasos I owner. The upgrade option will always be available to Pegasos I owners, but only as designated quantities are available.

2. The returned Pegasos I G3s will then be turned around and be available EXCLUSIVELY through the Phoenix Developer Consortium again on a first come first serve basis for 99 Euros plus shipping and handling. Phoenix will provide a special log-on to the PegasosPPC site to facilitate these purchases.

These programs will require prepayment and delivery time may be as long as 30 days.

All the rest of the Pegasos IIs to be offered will be sold through Resellers or Pegasos PPC, but only with the complete registration information provided for each unit sold BEFORE shipment. We must do this to facilitate SuperBundle and MorphOS upgrades. The SuperBundle will double in size before the Pegasos II release and we need to make sure our accounting system is correct and managed appropriately.

From this production, we will offer 50 Pegasos II G4s and 300 Pegasos II G3s on a first come, first serve basis. The prices are 299 Euro for the G3 and 499 Euro for the G4. Reseller prices will be determined individually depending on the history of Genesi's relationship with the Reseller concerned. Our preference is our option. Some will get more consideration that others. This is still a limited and selective market and we will favor some Resellers over others based on past performance and our perception of each Reseller's support for the platform.

This production will be the last "family" production run, that is for this Community. After this production all sales will occur through PegasosPPC and be focused on the broader market. Approved Resellers will have a special log-on and purchase page. The first commercial production run will be for 5000 units. This production will commence as soon as we are satisfied everything is ready for the "big time." For example, we will add AmiTCP/IP to MorphOS.

Just one more notes...

IBM will be making a joint marketing statement/Press Release with Genesi on the release of the Pegasos II. We fully expect the Pegasos II will be authorized to "wear" the IBM PowerPC logo. ;-)

Expect more News soon!

Best regards,
Raquel and Bill

Note: local VAT is not included in the prices!
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    Not my native tongue, but I see this news travels fast
    I am ; therefore you are
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  • Targhan
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    The fact that the news has carried that far is very interesing! thanks for the info!

    MorphOS portal? www.MorphZone.org
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    My only fear is that I will awake somewhere in the middle of the process and it will turn out to be a dream. :-)
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    If it's a dream, it's a nice one :-D

    I love it :)
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    Not very fast as I had to take a shower first...
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    This is Great News... My only concern is that I can get one in the community offer, as I feel that this will be big news...
    Considering we are aproaching the Christmas spending season... and News of the Pegasos is spreading steadily...
    and 5000 units could sell out within a month!!!
    For example: I have several friends, who have no interest in the Amiga or Mos, but are avid linux users ( one is a professional Developer,) who have shown interest in a non-x86 linux solution. I believe their are plenty of people who would be willing to snatch up a PPC board with the Peg II's stats and Price. Personally I can't wait to run Mos, since learning about Peg/Mos only three months ago I have been excited about the possibilities...Mos on Peg is what I want sooner better than later :) :-D :-D :-D
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  • Andreas_Wolf
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    Actually it is not that far as Arno Voelker of ppcnux.de is a Pegasos/MorphOS user :-)
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