Software : : A new amiga text editor - NoWinED
Posted By: r-tea. on 2008/9/14 18:50:42
ShInKurO has released a new version of his MUI based text editor called NoWinED. V0.75 it's its third public version. Looking at the archive list you can find there four amiga compilations and select the one of your flavour :)

NoWinED features:
- Handling of multiple files through tabs;
- Context menus;program logo
- Search and replace module;
- Multiple file Drag & Drop;
- Basic texteditor features (C&P, select all, Undo, Redo, etc...);
- Usage from keyboard supported;
- Programmable Fn keys;
- UTF support;
- CR/LF/CR+LF support;
- Configurable backup of all opened files;
- Configurable AutoSave of current file;

To find more details read the ChangeLog file.

The autor mentiones NoWinED is his first Amiga program, so do not expect too much :) You can download the application and find out more about it on this website.