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Posted By: Sprocki. on 2008/7/22 12:52:48
Users of the website have opened a new bounty system to encourage and get in touch with developers who would like to improve existing applications or develop new ones to close the one or the other gap in MorphOS' software situation.

After the evaluation of the Bounty poll in the we opened the
five most wanted bounties.

1 [Bounty #0007] Printing system
2 [Bounty #0018] GTK-MUI-Wrapper
3 [Bounty #0006] Spreadsheet Application
4 [Bounty #0014] FTP-Client with SSL/SFTP/SCP
5 [Bounty #0001] Instant Messenger

For each Project exists a support thread in the Bounty-Bay of the Pegasosforum with updated
status information like the bounty amount, information about the bounty
progress, reached milestones, screenshots as a preview of implemented functions
and so forth. Furthermore there is the possibility to donate to the bounty by
PayPal. The donations are managed by the AmigaClub Hamburg e.V. and are stored
on the PayPal account until the bounty is completed.

Additionally to the opened bounties it is possible by everybody to launch a so
called self-bounty. To do that there are some terms that have to be fulfilled
like the payment of a start donation to the bounty of at least 25 Euro. More
details on that and other topics are written in the bounty rules that can be
found in here:

Coders that a interested in taking a bounty are requested to get in touch with
the Bounty-Team. This can be done through the support thread of the bounty or
through e-mail to
  • Order of the Butterfly
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    Nice try. I really hope the best, When we will see our new bounty system here? :-?
  • »2008/7/23 14:41
  • Paladin of the Pegasos
    Paladin of the Pegasos
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    We started this Bounty Bay on because we was very disappointed about the situation here on MZ.
    The Bounties where imho very successful, and now we have this deadlock on MZ.
    I tried 2-3 Times to get in contact with Targhan but no answer, and i started a Thread on MZ about new Bounties but
    nobody releay cared so me and other Users from our greman community, started the Bounty Bay.

    We have our first donations for some Bounties, i will post info about that in Bounty Bay by the end of this week, so stay tuned!
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  • Paladin of the Pegasos
    Paladin of the Pegasos
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    The only reason the bounties here didnt get updated and fell apart was the lack of access I got to the section. If I had it, things would have been a lot better off.

    I hope your system works out well. I put a lot of work into the one here and was upset over the lack of trust and then final death of it.
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