Software : : Warp Datatypes V45 Released
Posted By: Targhan. on 2003/7/5 5:48:26
After a long delay, the promised updates to all the Warp picture datatypes for 68k, WarpOS and MorphOS are finally here. To accompany the new release is the brand new WarpDT portal at where you can keep up to date with the latest versions of the WarpDTs and download them all in one easy place.

Source: Amiga.Org

Summary of changes since previous versions:

BMP/JPEG/PNG/TIFF: Minor optimizations and cleanups.
BMP/JPEG/PNG/TIFF: Bumped version to v45 since a stable release has
now been reached and to reflect the jump to shareware status

BMP: Fixed problems with decoding bitfield images

JPEG: Altered descriptor file to prevent it matching LhA or LZX
archives containing JPEG files (or anything else that might
contain a JFIF header, other than Photoshop files)

PNG: PNG files not containing enough data are no longer treated as a
fatal error. Now the part of the image that was successfully
decoded is returned.
PNG: Updated with libpng 1.2.5

PNG/TIFF: Updated with zlib 1.1.4

TIFF: Now correctly converts images using the YCbCr colourspace to RGB
TIFF: Added support for JPEG decompression
TIFF: Updated to libtiff 3.6.0-beta2, including a new version of the
LogLuv decoder, and numerous other bugfixes

Prefs: Various parts of code rewritten, in preparation for losing the
currrent reliance on resource.library
Prefs: Minor bugfixes
Prefs: Correct Polish and Portuguese documentation now included.