id Software to release Doom 3 source code
  • Caterpillar
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    It's buggy depending of the day.

    Did you start the game with the icon provided ? It has stack increased there and happens to be more stable doing it that way.

    Hopping that the dhewm.cfg provided is used, some tip:
    You can gain extra video/ram memory disabling image_useAllFormats ( to "0" ). At least less is used in my system.

    Game has been worked over the months as far as I got with opengl functions failing. One of the tests I've done fixes the stutter with VBO's when increased requirements are needed but makes game a little slower but the slower parts aren't so much.

    Nothing done for extra mods from my part. Still a lot to do with recent changes but hopping for a new tinygl release to fix whole bunch of things.

    New SDL 2.0.16 library is recomended now.
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