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    I'm making an IRC client. It looks similar to AmIRC, with mode buttons at the top of the window. I use MUIA_Selected to make them look "pushed in" to show that a mode is set. Anyway, when I press a qualifier key, like lamiga, shift, control, or alt, when the string gadget isnt active, all the buttons in my window become unselected straight away. Is there a way to get around this? I just tried AmIRC 3 and it doesnt have this problem.

    I've asked this question on the MUI mailing list on the 19th, sorry for the repeat post here. Just that no ones answered yet..
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    If you need a betatester for your irc-client, at least theres surely enough people with interest and will to do so :)
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    I like an improved and fixed version of AmIRC, or a new irc client that looks very similar to AmIRC with the latest version of Kuang Eleven and new features as multiple irc servers connections, support of IIP, that is an anonymous irc network ( http://www.invisiblenet.net )...
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    Which MUIA_InputMode you are using? You must use MUIV_InputMode_Toggle for toggle buttons.
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    thank you Itix.. someone just pointed that out on the MUI mailing list too. That fixed the problem. :)

    well it will support multiple servers.. not sure about the rest though. theres still a lot of work left to go before its up to standard. i.e. nick completion, string gadget history, etc.

    hehe :) probably not needed at this stage. :)
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