Problem to use Grab tool with keyboard
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    @ Papiosaur - Prt Scrn key is the key at the right hand side of the F12 key on a WINDOWS keyboard, and AFAIK a Mac/Apple keyboard is NOT mapped to those same keyboard positioned keys.

    I cannot remember the last time I used the Grab Tool, as I usually use the Screenshot (Screenbar module) or SnapIt, which is my preferred screengrabbing utility, though SnapIt does have a few issues, not least of which is that you cannot grab an active video/GFX window or screen, as the VRAM handles the data and is inaccessible to the user as such for those purposes of taking sccreenshots! However, there does not seem to be a screngrab utility that can grab a video window, which is a real shame as it would be very handy on certain occasions. ;-)

    Both Screenshot and SnapIt allow you to modify the keyboard shortcuts to hopefully better suit your requirements 8-)
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    Papiosaur wrote:
    When i would like the grab another hotkeys in Screenshot prefs, the system freeze each time, any ideas please ?

    Seems to give an exception in the log server here. Make a bug report to the program author.

    BTW. why don't you use the built-in Grabber screenbar module, or what features you need from these 3rd party modules?
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