Preinstalled MOS+SDK available anywhere?
  • Order of the Butterfly
    Order of the Butterfly
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    I've been trying to set up a MorphOS emulation environment via QEMU under Windows to build and test the MorphOS versions of my programs. However it times out long before installation of the OS is completed.

    I was wondering, is there any .img file available with MorphOS+SDK (unregistered) preinstalled? Generated either on a real PPC machine or an insanely fast x86/x64? None of my source files should take more than half an hour to compile so if the OS+SDK installation bottleneck can be overcome it should be feasible to build and test MOS versions. Such a preinstalled image would also be of benefit to others who are in a similar situation.
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  • Priest of the Order of the Butterfly
    Priest of the Order of the Butterfly
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    Some good news: Today I booted up my G5 with 3.18, so development should be possible again. At least unregistered.
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    I guess I could release mine somewhere, but there is a caveat: emulated GCC isn't 100% reliable due to CPU emulation being imperfect in QEmu.
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  • Acolyte of the Butterfly
    Acolyte of the Butterfly
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    I was curious and maybe there is a real qemu option for this, but I just tried and a single "* 2" or "/ 2" in right place in some older qemu source I had lying around is enough to make time in emulated OS run/pass at half the speed or twice the speed compared to real time ...
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