PowerMac G5 temperatures with MorphOS
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    I just moved my 2.7 from liquid cooled to air cooled (moved the air cooled heatsinks from my flakey 2.3 over).

    So far it works great. I'm seeing around 168 F to 172 F in normal use for the CPU, fans go from barely noticeable to spinning a bit more where it is just backgroud noise. Using the native thermal module for the readings.

    What temps are you seeing with your G5 and what are the fans like?

    Note I haven't run the calibration software from apple, I just moved it over and went with it. Does it make a big difference?

    Performance wise, it plays media pretty well so far with the 1950, surprised it play some denser 1080p videos just fine.

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    Limited it to 65° on 2.3 GHz. Fans are'nt noisy.
    Think a 2.7GHz will go much more hot against a 2.3 GHz. So your 77° seems to be OK. But you should not allow more then 80°.

    If you changed CPUs (between slots, or new CPUs) you MUST calibrate.
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    I also have a G5 2.7 ghz, where I overhauled the water cooling. I removed the double intake, replaced the front ones with 2x 140mm fans, directly on the case. On the radiator I put a Nocturna 140mm on it. I control that with a fan controller. So it's relatively quiet. But I've also considered the air cooling thing. At the moment it annoys me that the CPU always runs under load under MorphOS.
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