Morphever by Encore
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    Cool stuff MDW!! Well your graphics are also very good so i am really looking forward :)
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    MDW wrote:

    kriz wrote:
    Woahh, if it is polished like the Fortis game we have something to look forward to ...

    The game will not looks as good as the Forthis because I create graphics 2D/3D. 😃 However Orbiton is much more complex, complicated than Fortis (which is a simple shooter). Something between strange tower-defense (without fixed paths) and simple realtime strategy.

    This sounds good :)


    Amigaharry2 wrote:
    I own a A3K witch 060/PPC240 and PIV - and the PPC yearns for something to do.... :-)

    Aggghhrrr... Please forget what I said. Now I noticed "PIV". If it is PicassoIV (my unrealised dream before 2000) the port is not possible. OpenGL requires hardware acceleration (at least CVision3D, BVsion3D, Voodoo3/4/5, Radeon). GL without hardware acceleration usually means less than 1 fps. :)

    BUT , it would be nice to BVisionPPC :), Demos like Sulaco, ByNight, NewAge etc... was great.
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      Yokemate of Keyboards
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      >> OpenGL requires hardware acceleration (at least CVision3D, BVsion3D [...])

      > BUT , it would be nice to BVisionPPC

      I guess CVisionPPC and BVisionPPC is what he means. While there's the older CVision 64/3D, I don't think its S3 ViRGE GPU has any OpenGL support. Also, there's no BVision variant of it.
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