External Audio Devices on MorphOS
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    Hi ...

    Is it in any way possible to get any of the following hardware working on MorphOS ;
    Digidesign DIGI001 (PCI - based) / Rack 002 (Firewire - based)


    Presonus FirePOD (Firewire - based)

    I would like to turn my PPC G4 QuickSilver 733MHz to a full featured DAW ...
    And I've found out, that there's some awesome soft for MorphOS (Audio Evolution), that's free .

    - Z -
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    The usb firewire peripherals are worth trying
    example my razor wifi headphones work fine on morphos
    arcade type usb joysticks or via adapter also work
    is to be tested
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    Order of the Butterfly
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    I tried my old MBox2 (USB) a while ago, and it powers on, but nothing is picked up in MorphOS

    DigiDesign / Avid's older HW interfaces required specific drivers and aren't class compliant like the newer interfaces. That's why later versions of OS X don't work with those old HW interfaces.

    p.s. Even my Scarlett 2i2 which is class compliant doesn't work. If MorphOS could get a class compliant USB audio driver going it will open up a whole new world of audio interfaces that can be used.
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    MoerBoer wrote:
    class compliant doesn't work

    It's 2.0 spec that isn't supported yet. USB audio 1.x compatible devices work.
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    Anybody aware of a USB 1.0 Audio - Interface, that would work 100% on MorphOS ?
    Need 8 to 16 Mic Pre-Amps ; Options ?

    - Z -
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    You could check this thread
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