Powerbook Multi boot partition arrangement
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    I'd like to install MorphOS for the 1st time. My machine is PB G4 15" 1.67Ghz (not hires). The HDD is a 120GB m2 SSD in an adapter. I'm planning to do triple boot - Sorbet Leopard OS X, Tiger (or some such for Mac Classic environment), MorphOS.
    From the guide(s) I've read I need 1 partition per OS + MorphOS boot partition so 4 in total.

    My question is - I understand the boot partition needs to be 1st on the disk (correct me if that's not the case), but the actual MorphOS system partition - does that need to follow the Boot in the sequence, i.e. 2nd, or can it be later in the sequence, i.e. 4th in my case?

    Thanks a lot!
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    You are welcome!
    At least your boot.img has to be on a HFS+ partition because Open Firmware cannot boot from SFS or any MorphOS specific filesystem.
    Some info https://www.morphos-team.net/guide/usb-boot
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    Ok, thanks. So as long as the boot partition which contains the boot.img is done right with supported filesystem it can point to any other partition that contains the actual MorphOS system, it can be e.g. 4th partition in my case?
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    It does not matter at all what the order of partitions is, really. To set the default boot partition you simply set the env vars in OpenFirmware. Once the boot.img is loaded, it will find the system partition just fine (provided it has the Bootable bit set), no matter where it is (could be on a separate drive, even).
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    Ufff, it's done finally, thanks, guys. It was a pain honestly getting the Boot partition just right, a bit of automation wouldn't hurt...
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    Btw the boot time is amazingly quick :) just registered this morning...
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