Morphos and Pulse3D headphones (ps5)
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    Today I tried the ps5 pulse3D headphones with the standard Bluetooth included in the box.
    Currently it doesn't seem to work.
    Could it be included in the near future?
    Could other information be needed to include it?
    Thanks. :-)
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    We have no Bluetooth stack, only OFW devices are supported.
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    It does not use Bluetooth. It is an usb audio card with an audio transmitter. I chose that headphone for exactly that reason. Not interfering with Bluetooth and support with the Nintendo Switch, which works great as headset.

    Of course I tried the dongle with MorphOS. It seems to use the usb audio 2 standard, while MorphOS only supports usb audio 1. At least that is the information I have.

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    Thanks for the replies,
    I thought it was bluetooth I hadn't noticed.
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