Capture card test works
  • Butterfly
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    Capture card test works
    I tried with the video capture card I have available
    it's cheap I got it used for 27 euros :-)
    it works perfectly
    I had to use a few little tricks to get it to work in conjunction with the OBS software.
    It currently runs at 1920x1080 60fps

    The only problem is that I would have to take a small cable to capture the audio as well.
    So the current problem is finding an audio cable to plug into the Powerbook's (headphone) audio output that allows me to connect directly to the capture card and it should work just fine.
    So as to capture the audio as well.
    Currently I have no idea what I should buy should cost a few euros :-)

    the method is a bit cumbersome but it works as soon as I can do everything, maybe I write a few lines to explain the steps.

    here the quality of the video seems excellent to me with only 27 euros spent. new costs 49 euros:

    what audio cable could I buy for the powerbook to connect it to the powerbook headphone output and which therefore has a "jack" to be put in the acquisition card?
    Thank you.

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    That's quite decent quality indeed!

    As for cables: your monitors might have come with an audio cable with a jack on both ends - it'd check your boxes.
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  • Butterfly
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    Thanks for the reply.
    unfortunately my monitor does not have internal speakers and I cannot test it in this way.
    but the problem lies in the powerbook at least I think
    I just need to find a "male" to "male" audio cable and everything should work if they exist built I'm not familiar with these types of cables.

    The quality of the video surprised me I used a simple compression in reality the quality is the same as the original if I directly use the nvidia codec with OBS.
    But I was focused on how to make it work :-)

    I just wanted to add that oddly enough for it to work I had to do it like this:
    i first connected the powerbook with the dvi-hdmi cable to the main monitor
    I chose Mob.1 as the video output
    then i disconnected the dvi-hdmi cable from the main monitor
    and I connected it to the "VIDEO IN" capture card
    and I used the TV with HDMI output as a "bridge"
    Then work again on the main monitor with OBS
    and everything works.

    If I do not carry out these steps, the acquisition card does not recognize any signal with Morphos.

    But now it works :-)
    I'm glad I hope to find a simple audio cable that will allow me to acquire audio as well.
    Sorry for the somewhat chaotic explanation :-)
    Maybe it's useful for improving this aspect.

    the card is this:

    it is working on my powerbook you can see where I should connect the audio of the powerbook to capture the audio

    an audio cable similar to this should solve the audio problem, I hope :-)

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  • Butterfly
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    I had a male to male audio jack cable in the house unfortunately it does not work the audio is not captured.
    strangely if I insert the male jack on the powerbook
    and on the video capture I put it on the microphone the audio is captured but the sound is obviously not perfect.
    I also tried other ways with external speakers etc. but the sound is still not heard.
    For the moment I'll stop here.
    It doesn't matter in the end, but I would have liked to do some videos on Morphos.
    I thought audio wouldn't be a problem :-)
    Maybe maybe I'll try some other solution in the next few days.
    Maybe someone has some ideas
    Thank you.
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  • Paladin of the Pegasos
    Paladin of the Pegasos
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    white wrote:
    Maybe someone has some ideas
    Thank you.

    Connect the PowerBook audio out to PC audio in and capture the sound separately (e.g. via Audacity). Later you can synchronize the audio during postprocessing.
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  • MorphOS Developer
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    Setting ahi to filesave doesn't work?
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  • Butterfly
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    Thanks for the tips,
    I will certainly do some tests with the methods you have advised me.

    For the purposes of its use morphos is perfect.
    And probably making videos is not very important but this is a small solution for capturing videos and I like to do it.
    Well I just have to place the powerbook somewhere on the desk and find its right space :-)
    I will have removed the cables dozens of times for testing and rebooted many times.
    the powerbook seems to resist :-)
    here the audio quality with the audio captured with the microphone.
    I think it is acceptable for its uses, I probably have to perhaps reduce the hiss of the microphone via Morphos in some way or decrease the maximum volume of the microphone to attenuate the hiss.
    I have not yet fully become familiar with the system.
    here the capture card with the audio captured through the powerbook microphone attached to the capture card.

    Taking into account the low costs it seems to me a good solution
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  • Butterfly
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    Today I finally ordered my key
    Thanks again for your work!!.
    I really hope the Powerbook can last a long time :-)
    until now I have always used it simply so on the fly without placing it given the little space I have available.
    At least the purchase of the key encourages me to use it daily :-)

    Returning to the audio for the capture card
    when i record i am unable to hear audio
    I saw this cable on Amazon

    Should this allow me to split the audio and also hear the audio while recording the videos?

    Thanks for any suggestions.

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  • Butterfly
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    Thanks to all the Morphos Team, the key arrived after a few minutes :-)
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  • Butterfly
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    I'm not an expert in jack cables,
    but reading it seems that the cables with 3 black circles is for the microphone
    while with 2 black circles for the speakers
    what I currently use at 3 black circles
    this is probably why the audio is not captured with the capture card with the jack.
    I will do other tests as soon as I take the jack cable with 2 black lines.
    Let's hope :-)
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  • Cocoon
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    Paolo basta collegare uscita audio mac(presa cuffie )in entrata scheda madre pc o entrata scheda acquisizione se e' disponibile la presa poi gestisci audio in entrata sulla scheda madre dal pc

    Paolo just connect the mac audio output (headphone socket) to the pc motherboard input or acquisition card input if the socket is available then manage audio input on the motherboard from the pc

    Paolo contact me privately (in Italian !!) for these problems I have been tinkering with these things for 40 years

    Paolo contattami in privato (in italiano!!)per questi problemi io ci smanetto da 40 anni con queste cose
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  • Butterfly
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    Perfect, I did it :-)
    Now everything works perfectly.
    The audio is perfect.
    I bought some cables for testing
    In summary you need:
    1 jack cable (splitter) composed of 2 females and 1 male
    this is used to hear the audio while it is being recorded using headphones or external speakers very comfortable and practical.
    1 male jack cable to directly connect the audio output to the audio-IN port of the PC in use.
    And enable in this case on windows 10 audio mixer.
    Then there are the settings to be made in OBS
    I won't go into unnecessary explanations but in summary it works perfectly with Morphos for those who want to record videos.

    Here is the final result, I am very happy with the result

    Thanks,for the tip and it was very helpful I added a splitter for ease of use.

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  • Butterfly
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    I bought a new capture card for personal needs.
    But also thinking about morphos that I am always enthusiastic about :-)

    i bought avermedia plus 2 model
    and I tried to make some videos it works perfectly.
    In some cases it does not lock some demos and unfortunately E-UAE works on frequencies it cannot lock.
    Including aliens vs predator
    Otherwise it works fine taking into account that I still use 52.34 drivers for HDMI compatibility
    But in summary it is really good you can use it in most cases.
    Who knows if anyone among you chooses it and maybe improves the drivers :-)
    (It would be nice if some developer maybe buy it)
    And comfortable works with OSB and similar programs but also simply recording with a simple button.
    The quality of the videos seems very high.

    Thanks as always for your work.
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  • Yokemate of Keyboards
    Yokemate of Keyboards
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    Great quality! :-)
    MorphOS is Amiga done right! :-)
    MorphOS NG will be AROS done right! :-)
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