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    Hi everyone,

    Anyone else enjoying MorphOS more and more these days? :)

    Right now my Mac Mini G4 is my most used Amiga setup. It has the latest version of MorphOS installed, along with the excellent Wayfarer browser. Not only can I tinker with Amiga related projects (demoscene development) or gaming, but now I can keep a close eye on work related tasks as well. ;)

    Very impressed with how stable the system is as well. It happens very rarely that the computer locks up. Most stuff just works, which is nice.

    I'm sure more people will find their way to MorphOS in the future. The current situation with AmigaOS 4 might contribute to this I think.

    Anyway, just wanted to write that I love using the OS these days. :) Anyone else using MorphOS more than they used to?
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    True for me too, especially since the Wayfarer release. Before that I needed to reboot or use another machine for web-related tasks; now I can accomplish my usual email/browsing workflow under MorphOS. Looking fordward to upadted Folio which would save me the last reboots needed for word processing. ;-)
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