AMD Ryzen, or Intel i5/i7/i9 for gaming?
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    I've decided to upgrade the motherboard, CPU, RAM, and probably PSU in my PC, and after trying to sift through dozens of reviews all over the Internet and not getting any definite answers, I thought I would ask the computer users that I trust the most for advice.

    The only Windows only game that I play regularly is Guild Wars 2, which is old and heavily single thread, CPU dependent. I think it uses DirectX 11 or 12, but I'm ignorant of such graphics tech. I will probably eventually want to play a different game in the future, and running virtual machines might also be something I want to do in the future, but I'm hoping to get back to using AmigaOS 68k emulated on my PC as my primary desktop environment (probably AmiKit), so I can avoid Windows am much as possible. Building a new PC, or seriously upgrading my current system, also gives me the opportunity to clean up and reorganize my Windows installation, cutting it down to the bare minimum, and hoping to see some improved performance (as I have complained in the past, I am disgusted with how poor Windows 10 performs on my 4.2GHz i5 system)

    So, I'm asking for advice on cpu choice, motherboard reccommendation if you want to add it, and any other tips you might have. I have a Radeon RX580 video card, and will be moving all my SSD, hdd, and optical drives from my current system to the upgraded or new system.

    Edit: another reason for upgrading or replacing my current system is that I have been seeing recurring IO errors to my SSD drive. I don't know if this is motherboard related, or perhaps the SSD is beginning to fail, but I have read that SSD's generally don't give any advance notice before they go bad. Any ideas on how to find out what is causing this problem?

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