Some Hu-Go! problems
  • Order of the Butterfly
    Order of the Butterfly
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    Some games have abboying noises in audio, e.g. Burning Angels, Final Blaster, Magical Chase, Power Gate, Psycho Chaser or Terra Cresta II. It sounds like some instruments are not played properly.

    In Super Star Soldier some sounds are not played properly (actually may be same problem as above mentioned)

    Sinstron have some noises at beginning.

    Override have constant buzzing noise in background.

    Also Final Blaster have wrong screen display in intro.
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  • Priest of the Order of the Butterfly
    Priest of the Order of the Butterfly
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    By the way GenesisPlus/ has a wrong path.
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  • Order of the Butterfly
    Order of the Butterfly
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    Unfortunately these sound issues and several other issues are inherent to the Hu-Go! core emulation so are quite difficult to correct. I may investigate if there is another branch of Hu-Go! with some improvements existing otherwise it would be best to port a more complete pc-engine emulator eventually.
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