How to run MorphOS on unsupported iMAC G5
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    jacadcaps wrote:
    the internal plug is actually a proper DVI, which will go up to Full HD resolution easily.
    (edit: to be precise, it's not a DVI plug, but the signals are the same)

    So you say some cable-soldering fun would be needed then? Or is there an adapter somewhere?
  • »11.08.21 - 14:12
  • Cocoon
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    No but I don't want to use the imac monitor for anything else !!
    i want to detach the lcd monitor and use it with a monitor of my pc through mini vga socket with morphos
    you think it would work
  • »11.08.21 - 16:52
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    I doubt you'll get any video on the VGA port.
  • »11.08.21 - 19:51
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