[SOLVED] Search a Blizzard PPC
  • Priest of the Order of the Butterfly
    Priest of the Order of the Butterfly
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    Does it need to be a 060?

    Would other models of the Blizzard PPC be OK?

    I mean to say, you are looking for a specific "toy", but most owners of these won't want to part with the "top of the range", but they might part with a lower spec model.

    Is SCSI also a required feature?

    What price range are you hoping to acquire one for?

    Is it for your own use, or someone else's system?
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  • Yokemate of Keyboards
    Yokemate of Keyboards
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    > Soon MorphOS on my 1200 :-)

    Which version? :-)
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  • MorphOS Developer
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    060 is not necessary for MorphOS, 240Mhz or 330 Mhz 603e is, together with >128MB ram 60ns.
    Ide port is also very very slow so i suggest to buy SCSI version.
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  • Cocoon
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    Many years ago i use idefix (hardware) for speedup ide of my A1200+BlizardPPC040
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