• Paladin of the Pegasos
    Paladin of the Pegasos
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    Hello everyone,

    I would like complete MorphOS-Storage project, the goal is to have a more complete software library for MorphOS.

    So if you find archives (on your hard drives, CD-Roms, internet) not available on MorphOS-Storage, do not hesitate to propose them to me by mail on papiosaur2 at

    If you have time to make some nice screenshots or find YouTube links, do not hesitate to send me too ;-)

    To developers : i can add a Paypal button at your each projects, if interested don't hesitate to contact me.

    Thank you for your help!
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  • Acolyte of the Butterfly
    Acolyte of the Butterfly
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    Thank you for the effort, it is good to see MOS-software in one location.

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  • Priest of the Order of the Butterfly
    Priest of the Order of the Butterfly
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    What Storage lacks are more FPS ports. Latest from BeWorld (Smokin Guns) was nice but it's a multiplayer arena mostly, not a single player capmpaign. More time spent on games = more time spent on MorphOS :)
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