Opensource OpenPOWER motherboard
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    Published on Mar 22, 2019
    An Open Source Motherboard?!
    PPC assembly ain't so bad... ;)
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    Kudos for mentioning at the beginning and end of the video that it was "sponsored by IBM".

    Sadly, not all technology publications correctly identify paid advertisements.
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    Ok, where's the MorphOS port? :)
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    polluks wrote:
    Ok, where's the MorphOS port? :)

    I wouldn't be surprised if a paid for port could be done, but the problem is getting enough MorphOS users, who are willing to purchase such an expensive motherboard, or system, only to run a single core OS, like MorphOS3.1x on it. Sure, there are a handful of users who don't mind getting such capable system, being able to use Linux PPC, or BSD PPC on the multiple cores and many threads, plus play around with MorphOS occasionally on a single core of the multi-core system, but probably far too few to warrant porting to such hardware.

    Start a Kickstarter project for the port, which includes buying several Blackbird motherboards for the MorphOS Dev. Team members, and see what kind of response you get. You never know until you try, maybe there is more interest from users with enough money to fund it than I and most people think?

    First you would need to know if any MorphOS Dev. Team members would consider working on such a port, and if yes, how many Blackbird motherboards for the Dev. Team would be needed. Then you would need to know the minimum amount of money the MorphOS Dev. Team members who would agree to work on it would ask for, to complete such a port, and continue to support upgrading it in the future. That would give you the amount needed for the Kickstarter project goal (plus any shipping and miscellaneous costs to complete the project).

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