MorphOS-Storage reaches 1000 archives and launch a new cont
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    Hello all,

    WArMUp association is pround to announce MorphOS-Storage has just reached slowly but surely the 1000 archives dedicated to MorphOS !

    On this occasion, the association still needs more screenshots (up to 6 by software) and YouTube link in order to complete MorphOS-Storage and relaunch a small contest. The 3 people who send the most screenshots and YouTube link to complete the MorphOS-Storage on my address papiosaur2 at before December 15th, 2018 will receive the following prizes:

    1st price: a Mac mini 1.5 Ghz with MorphOS licence and Hollywood 7.1.
    2d price : a licence MorphOS for the hardware of your choice
    3d price : Hollywood 7.1

    You can place a small signature on your snapshots to see it's yours.

    All snapshots received can be placed in MorphOS-Storage.

    After each email received, I will make a list of participants and the numbers of snapshots and YouTube link uploaded to the site.

    I will complete MorphOS-Storage after each mail...

    Members of the Association can participate (except me)

    Thanks for your participation

    Let's go!
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