Maximal Storage space supported
  • Caterpillar
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    is there still a limitation of 128 GB for one Hard Drive ?
    Or can i use an SSD with 256 GB
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    Limitations will apply based on the filesystem used (aka no partition >128GB) but the drive can be as big as you like.
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  • Caterpillar
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    That is what i mean.

    Are there any changes in working progress ?
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  • ASiegel
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    You can certainly use bigger partition sizes as long as you pick the appropriate file system.

    Here is an overview: MorphOS file systems and partition sizes

    Legacy file systems are unlikely to ever see support for larger partition sizes as this might break compatibility.
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    sojuniter wrote:
    is there still a limitation of 128 GB for one Hard Drive ?
    Or can i use an SSD with 256 GB

    There has never been 128 GB limit for a _hard drive_, the limit is per partition with SFS. So, it's always been perfectly fine to make, for example, two 128 GB SFS partitions on a 256 GB drive. Or more with bigger drives, or it's fine to leave some space unused too if you like.
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    My advice would be just to bite the bullet and go for two SFS partitions.

    Although a full size FFS partition on an SSD would also be tempting. Revalidation is an extreme pain on modern-sized hard drives, but it should be really quick on SSD. Just keep in mind that disk recovery tools wouldn't work on it...

    Edit: assuming the link that Andreas posted is right about FFS2. Has anyone ever tried huge partitions on it?

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