Ben Daglish, a tribute
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    Yokemate of Keyboards
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    The legendary chip music composer Ben Daglish died last week, at the age of 52. :-(

    I found a nice video/interview with him where he discuss many of the legendary C64 tunes he made back in the days:
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    52 is way too young to die these days (or I've been living on borrowed time the last 10 years).

    Sorry to hear about his passing away at such a young age.
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    RIP Ben Daglish, definitely one of the audio greats of the C64 and Amiga. 52 is barely middle aged these days.

    I grew up with his music. He wasn't as prolific as some, and didn't have a style as distinctive as Hubbard, Gray, Follin or Tel.

    But Maniacs of Noise tracks tend to be used on games with mediocre gameplay, and Rob Hubbard was most active in the mid-80s when games were still a bit basic. Footballer of the Year, Wizard Warz, Harvey Headbanger, Firelord weren't my favourite themes by far, but I could almost play them out for how often I've heard them. If you want to hear how good he could really be, then Switchblade and Last Ninja are IMO his best works.

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