AminetRadio - Display Issues
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    I'm trying to figure out why AminetRadio won't display the classic skin correctly. The buttons work fine at the bottom but the scrolling information at the top doesn't work. It's just a green color. I'm running MorphOS on a Mac Mini with 64MB of VRAM. The new style skins look and work fine. Any of the classic GUI skins all do the same thing. I tried searching for an answer but could not find one.
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    I don't remember anyone approaching AmigaZeux with this problem while Gelb was active. It doesn't mean it didn't happen, but it's been so long ago I may have forgotten.

    One thing I do distantly remember is that there were problems with some datatypes and that some people had success with skin issues by converting the skin files to a different format, i.e. PNG (and not renaming them).

    You could also try giving it a go on an 8 bit CLUT screenmode and see if there's the same problem. Obviously that's not a fix, but it would pin the problem down to the fact that MorphOS has moved on 13 years while ANR has not.

    Edit: And oh, make sure you have mysticview.library installed. AFAIR, it was used to do some of the graphics such as the scrolling.

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