New MorphOS user from Spain
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    Hello everyone,

    I hope this is the correct subforum for introduction messages. If not, excuse the annoyance.

    This last Christmas I decided to bring back my old Amiga 500 from the limbo, and things escalated quickly from there. At some point I got interested on "NG" systems (what a horrible name ...), and ended up impulse buying a PowerBook G4 to try MorphOS on it; three months later, here I am posting nonsense ;-)

    Anyway, I really like MorphOS, to the point that it has become my go-to machine for almost everything. I only boot my other laptop to watch Netflix or to have an occassional gaming session with Steam/GOG.

    Looking forward to be around this Community and to learn a lot from all of you.

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    Paladin of the Pegasos
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    Welcome! You made the right choice in MorphOS, in my opinion. If you ever feel like expanding that A500, check out the Vampire project.
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    Aupa Adolfopa!
    Bienvenido! Here another Spanish user.
    PowerMac G5 - PowerBook G4 - MacMini with MorphOS. Amiga 1200/060 AmigaOS 3.x
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    Order of the Butterfly
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    Bievenido Adolfopa al interesante mundo del MorphOS!
    Amiga 500 with ROMs 1.3-2.05 and M-Tec AT 500 with hard disk and 4MB Ram.
    WinUAE + original OS 3.5&3.9
    Sam440ep 800 MHZ + OS 4.1 F.E.
    Sam460ex 1 GHz + OS 4.1 F.E.
    MacMini 1.5 GHz + MorphOS 3.11
    PowerBook G4 1.65 + MorphOS 3.11
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  • Just looking around
    Posts: 6 from 2018/8/29
    Thank you all guys! Glad to be here :-)
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