WriteChunkyPixels and ObtainBestPen
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    Hi all,

    I am picking up work again on a port I'd started 8 years ago. I started the port on my A4000T then moved to my A1200 and now I'm doing the development on MorphOS (but still using CED and SAS/C for now).

    When my program is in a window on the Workbench screen, I am pushing pixels from its framebuffer using WriteChunkyPixels().

    Last night I tried to get the colors correct by obtaining a number of pens using ObtainBestPen() (following piru's example I found somewhere), but the colors didn't seem to change.

    Does anyone know: is it possible to change the colors resulting from WriteChunkyPixels() by using ObtainBestPen()? Perhaps it is, and I just overlooked something...

    Of course, once I can get past the hurdle of making this work on non-RTG systems, I will adapt it to CGX/RTG and make a MorphOS-native version.

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    How about this example?
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