Why no control keys in MUICON?
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    Hi all.

    I'm wondering why control keys (Ctrl-C/D/E/F) don't have an effect in MUICON. Also, traditional AmigaDOS-style Ctrl-\ does not send EOF. Is it a peculiarity of MorphOS's DOS reimplementation, or MUICON, or some kind of console.device reimplementation, or...?

    I've been trying to work with Python (see another post in the forums reporting this issue) and other CLI utilities (trying to port a newer Perl so there can be a port of the newer AmiSSL), and the absence of these control-key combinations is inconvenient and puzzling.

    The only solution I've found is to click the button to close the MUICON page or close the MUICON window, which seems to send the proper interrupt signal.

    Still no answer for how to send an EOF signal.

    Any ideas?

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    Ctrl-C/D/E/F work just fine, unless you managed to remove the hotkeys for those in MUICON's settings. Window close gadget just iconifies the window if it cannot abort the running command, by the way.

    One problem you might be seeing is that ixemul does not forward those signals to vforked subprograms. Those can still be aborted with TaskManager. This is an issue unrelated to MUICON.

    Btw. not that I mind you updating perl, but wouldn't it be less work to just fix the perl scripts to work with older perl? (yeah, I'm lying to myself now, I know that perl is a "write once, change never" language).
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    I'm also missing EOF but Amiga-Q works quite often.
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