Locale loc_MeasuringSystem?
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    I'm working on MUIMapparium and want to show the length of a track also in imperial units. I found the loc_MeasuringSystem with Values MS_ISO, MS_IMPERIAL, ... but I did not found how to change that Value in MorphOS (same on AROS/Amiga). I did expect the Country setting would influence that, seems I was wrong.
    Anyone has an idea?

    Thanks for help.
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  • Butterfly
    Posts: 94 from 2015/3/31
    Seems no-one care to answer, so I answer myself.

    It seems it's not implemented. I guess MorphOS share AROS locale source? I found in the AROS source that the value is never set, even the setting is present in country settings.
    I made a patch and sent to AROS ML and hope to get it included so later versions will fix that.
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    Thank you very much! I did the AROS check-in.
    Nevertheless I reported the bug in MorphOS' bug tracker.
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