Crowdfunding for TALOS Workstation
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    @ acepeg - I'd agree with you, that sensible low end (i.e. low cost) prices are the way, I believe, for many users, and high performance (i.e. expensive) systems are only intended for developers, where necessary, for keeping compiling/development times to a minimum.
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    Well, I'm typing this on a cheap Galaxy J7 Refine.
    But if I compare the price of a Blackbird system to the Ryzen 3000 series I intend to build, the prices aren't that too far apart.
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    First Blackbird's are delivered:
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    bennymee schrieb:
    First Blackbird's are delivered:

    And already reviewed:
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    > IBM POWER9 CPU (4-Core) $375.00

    July saw a 16% price increase to US$436.25 (bigger variants have been increased in price 7...16%, the bigger the CPU the lower the relative increase).
    Likewise, the Blackbird mainboard price was increased by 10.5% to US$1105.
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