Facebook page claims Phase 5 is back
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    There was a short period when CUSA openly embraced AROS:


    There are and were some dedicated AROS computers, but all were/are pointless as one could use just dumpster dived HW...

    So in the end "supporting" AROS wasn't really anymore than preinstalling VICE was for supporting 8Bit C=.

    Most buyers just selected the Windows option. The so called "CommodoreOS" never got past a curiosity.

    I'll admit to that sin myself, I use Windows in preference to OSX/MacOS or Linux.
    I will not pay the premium demanded for Apple hardware, when I know it will fail or be obsoleted just as quickly or quicker than commodity Windows hardware.
    And Linux never seems quite finished.

    What I want, is what no one will give me. A quick booting, streamlined OS based on a micro kernel.
    Sound familiar?
    "Never attribute to malice what can more readily explained by incompetence"
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    > If its about as powerful as an older ARM Based Chromebook
    > (like Samsung's original product), I'd be happy.

    Yes, I think four dual-threaded 1.8 GHz e6500 cores can cope with two single-threaded 1.7 GHz Cortex-A15 cores. On a per-core/thread base, they should be about on par I think.

    > It [...] could form the core of a hardware base we could start
    > development of MorphOS NG on.

    You mean the MorphOS team hasn't started yet? ;-)

    > we don't need high end X64 power

    POWER9 with comparable single-core performance would be nice nonetheless :-)

    > in the G5 and the X5000 we already have more than enough power
    > to run our [...] software.

    Web browsing on platforms without (fast) JS JIT and video decoding on platforms without GPU acceleration should require even faster CPU performance than on platforms that have these things :-)
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