Freepascal inclusive LCL for MorphOS
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    I prefer a desktop/local editor application.
    But nonetheless this is pretty nice.

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    asrael22 wrote:
    I prefer a desktop/local editor application.
    But nonetheless this is pretty nice.

    I agree. It's even not really usable for serious projects (only one source file ;-) ) more as a teaser, people even do not want to install something on the computer. And it's the easiest way to compile a program for really all Amiga systems ;-)
    On native Amiga even I will use it... it's just so much faster than the native compiler even with slow Internet connection
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    Paladin of the Pegasos
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    This is rather cool.

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    amigadave wrote:
    I had spent lots of time thinking about learning C/C++ first, because of the huge amount of use, in Amiga legacy/history (as well as the huge amount of C/C++ use on all other platforms) and the great amount of examples and written tutorials and teaching books available, both specifically for the Amiga, and generally for all platforms. I have SAS/C manuals in great condition, as well as a purchased "new package" of Storm/C (version 4 I think) & Mesa, used copies of Aztec/C, & Manx/C (was Aztec & Manx the same thing? Can't remember),"back-in-the-day".

    I purchased D.I.C.E back in the day, 4 floppies and pdf if I remember correctly.
    Very shortly after I bought it, Matt Dillon went to work at Dragonfly BSD , so
    I never started learning C. I stopped with three different Basics and
    motorola 6502/6510 op-code .
    Bought Jim Butterfield's m68k book, but I've lost it since XD.
    So lately I've just been messing with the Shenzhen I/O game
    when I feel any urge to program something,
    Windows 10? Think again!
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