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    I have been complaining to my ISP regarding the terrible performance I am receiving, so they sent out a tech to check my microwave antennae and connection. He bypassed my Belkin AC wireless router and consistently was getting 2 times better download speeds (or more from some sites), than I have been able to get than I am able to see from my laptop wirelessly, or my desktop connected via Ethernet to my router.

    What is a good website to find trouble shooting advice for routers, and is Belkin a good brand, or should I trash my router and get an ASUS, Linksys, or other brand of router?

    The tech showed me that he was able to get the speed I am paying for on his laptop connected directly to their connection device, so the problem is either my router, or both of my Windows computers are screwed up and can't provide the same performance he was getting. I am using Windows7 Home Premium on my i5 desktop computer, and Windows10 home version on my i7 laptop, and I have turned off all of the Microsoft reporting services and applications on Windows10.
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    I have best experience with AVM Fritzboxes, but these are AFAIK not available in the US. Hence, not much of an advice for you.

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    amigadave wrote:
    is Belkin a good brand, or should I trash my router and get an ASUS, Linksys, or other brand of router?

    Short answer: No. All of the entry level router boxex is a kind of russian rulett. No matter what brand. (Asus, dlink, linksys, tplink, etc) The problem is not on the available software services. There are a lot of times when i wondering what these cheap router can offer. (positively)
    The main problem is the quality of the parts, and the low onboard memory etc. That's why these wonders have to restart every x week to working properly.
    So there is no good answer, try to get NOT the cheapest of these boxes. As price goes up there is more stable modelas are available.

    Anyway if your pc-s can connect with full bandwith without Belkin router, then you replace that. If not try a good linux live cd and check the nearest server on speedtest.net or similar site.
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