PPC Laptop, something for MorphOS?
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    Hi all

    Power Progress Community reached its first campaign goal about the notebook electrical schematics and few days ago we started the second one. Now the target is to fund the PCB design.


    In addition to that Slimbook collaboration was announced. They will provide the enclosure we need for our Open Hardware PowerPC notebook. https://www.powerpc-notebook.org/2019/09/slimbook-to-provide-the-notebook-chassis

    As you can see in the article, ACube and Slimbook are collaborating since the beginning of this year.

    If you like the project we will be happy if you can support it in any way you prefer (donating, spreading, collaborating with the team...)

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    Just a quick reminder: If you like the idea of running Linux on one of the last NXP PowerPC processors, please go ahead and support this project.

    If you are only interested in MorphOS, please note that there is no commitment to support this piece of hardware. As the MorphOS FAQ states:


    The MorphOS development team cannot port MorphOS to hardware that does not exist. Furthermore, the developers do not make plans based on planned products. A product must exist and be for sale to be even considered for a port.

    We strongly urge you to not buy or otherwise finance any hardware for the purpose of running MorphOS until you have read an announcement on this website that clearly states MorphOS will support it.
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    I'd say with this thread being 5 years old and the current state of the project, I expect my next MorphOS-Laptop to be AMD.

    Note this NOT a statement on how fast I think that ISA switch will happen (or at all) !
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    > Now the target is to fund the PCB design. [...]
    > In addition to that Slimbook collaboration was announced.

    See comments #150 and #151 :-)
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    Unless a big spender joins in it will take a very long time to finish even the prototype. Now that they've proven their ability to actually opensrc the schematics i wonder who we can poke in the side to get interest and spend some serious money...
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