MorphOS Storage - Timeout error
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    Priest of the Order of the Butterfly
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    I regularly get a timeout message/error when downloading from with Wayfarer last couple of months (haven't checked with any other browser/platform) - by the way Wayfarer is always updated on latest available versions.

    Basically, files either don't start downloading at all or bandwidth is slow (starts 100kb/s and reaches zero along the way) and files drop out as being incomplete.

    Yesterday this happened even when accessing the website without downloading anything (timeout).

    However, I have also noted that more or less the same occurs when downloading modules from

    Do other people similar problem? My network connection is stable because I can access/download the files from Android/Vivaldi (at least from Chronocrash that I have checked).
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    Hi Cool_amigaN,

    good speed here (936.59 kB/s) for one download.

    I think there is a problem when there are many download in the same time... to confirmed...
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    @Cool_amigaN: Yes, got the same experience as you yesterday.

    To a much lesser degree it has always been like that on MorphOS Storage for me but yesterday it was more harsh. But I have been experiencing general connection problems the last few days. Internet is working but I get many reconnection attemps.
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