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    KennyR wrote:
    As far as I remember, original CD I got had WarpOS and 68k versions that punched straight through to Paula (which would not work on any version of MorphOS, on any machine), and used cdplayer.library for CDDA which barely worked even at the time. It doesn't crash on MorphOS, but doesn't play CD music either.

    However there was also a mission pack cd with an updated exe as well.

    Hard for me to remember. I never really played the game on MorphOS, though I had gotten it to run. It had ran on my PPC Amiga well enough, and it wasn't all that great. The low res and limited scrollfield are very old fashioned, and like Napalm and a hundred other C&C clones, it had a difficulty curve that usually gave you three easy levels and then the next nearly impossible. Bought it on GoG for next to nothing years ago, but it had aged too badly to be worth a replay - much like Knights and Merchants.

    Ok, I think I get it now. That patch is for getting CD audio to play. I played it in my A1200 loooong time ago. Files are dated 2000 and yes, the CD comes with 68k and WOS versions which is the one I played. But I don't remember if the CD audio worked.

    I installed and played the 68k on MOS but never mind about CD audio. Haven't finished it on MOS though. Maybe I'll do now.

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