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    Hello all,

    1) when i delete an in a volume, Ambient don't take the default icon immediatly. Is it possible to refresh Ambient or maybe add a refresh button in screenbar for next release please ?

    2) Another problem, when i have two AmigaDOS volume with the same name, only one appears in Ambient at startup. Any ideas ?

    Thanks for your answers.
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    to 2)
    You're speaking of two HDs with identical volume-names (not device-names), or?
    Thats normal behaviour. How should Ambient show two indentical named drives?
    Type info in a shell and you will see the device-name oft this volumes too. If they are also identical, MorphOS adds a xxx.1 to the name for one device. But that wont be shown in Ambient-Desktop.
    Btw: Why do you do such strange things?
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