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    Greetings, my name is Jesse Stein, and I am IBM's Marketing Programs Manager for the Power.org initiative. BBRV asked me to post help answer the questions as to why Power.org is important, why we want and need your participations, and what's "in it for you"

    Power.org is more then a standards body supporting Power Architecture Technology. Among our corporate members this is the case, our corporate members are hard at work collaborating on standards and specifications that can move the platform as a whole wider and deeper.

    At the developer level (which by the way is free) we are building a community of developers, enthusiasts, supporters, and solutions providers who are all determined to help the organization as a whole build a thriving ecosystem around all things Power, whether they be embedded system, high-performance servers, or anything in between.

    In addition to recruiting corporations, to actively drive the collective agenda of the organization, we are building a community of individuals who develop on and for Power based solutions to help us drive this architecture to reach its full potential.... in all markets.

    If you believe that the a particular Power Architecture based solutions can be better positioned to expand into a market and collectively we can make it happen, then yes we want and need you.

    So, I encourage you to come check, it out, see for yourself what we are all about, we are driving some very interesting initiatives, inside our corporate technical committees (such as the release of our first collaborative, open specification) and within the individual community.

    As, I said the developer-level membership is free, and the best way to help drive the platform.

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    On behalf of the MorphZone staff, I would like to welcome you to our communitysite. I have read your posts at www.amigaworld.net, and now I understand the whole power.org much better. You don't get paid for nothing ;-)
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