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    Intuition wrote:
    Spent the last few days trying to recover stuff and managed to rescue a big fat zero, so will have to manage with my backup from a week ago.

    Ah well, we live and learn. :/

    You are lucky (and smart) you have a backup from just a week ago. On Amiga I deleted a partition trying Linux APUS in 2002, and never got anything back. Tons of mods and PD stuff, hundreds of demos that came with my HDD, thousands of hours getting my desktop to exactly how I liked with icons and app setups, AmigaZeux IRC logs, pictures, documents... I never managed to find most of the lost files again, and never bothered configuring AmigaOS again.

    Did exactly the same on MorphOS years later, and once again I never quite ever had the heart to restore everying I'd lost. I just left it in an unconfigured mess to present day.

    Backup backup backup backup...

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