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    > I am not sure I understand [...] the surprise that the video driver
    > in MorphOS3.0 is not as fast as some demostration of an unfinished
    > driver some time in the past.

    I understand very well the surprise that the R200 3D driver is by a wide margin not nearly as fast as was presented in 2010.

    > It was clear to me that the release of MorphOS3.0 would not include
    > the updated video driver(s)

    Then you apparently knew more than us mere mortals.

    > and that 3D support for the PowerBook's Radeon 9700 Mobility video
    > card, as well as 3D support for one or two other currently 2D only
    > supported Radeon video cards, would come in a later release.

    This is another topic altogether, which has nothing to do with the improved R200 3D drivers that were shown in 2010.

    > I guess I must have missed the posting, or announcement from any of
    > the MorphOS Dev. Team members regarding better video card driver
    > performance that was supposed to give us this 140fps performance in
    > Quake III.

    Fab's Alchimie presentation slides list the faster driver as feature for MorphOS 3.0. The 140 FPS is what was shown in 2010, and that very driver was said by the presenters to be included in MorphOS 2.8 (which, as we know, became MorphOS 3.0) back then. Thus I guess it seems natural to assume that the driver from Fab's slides is the one (or an even further improved version of that) from 2010. But seems this assumption was wrong.
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