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    > You're complaining

    No, I'm merely curious.

    > that some random third party

    The result is what counts, not who is reporting the result.

    > using a different computer

    No, identical computer in koszer's case, and better computers in redrumloa's and Cim's cases.

    > with a different graphics card

    No, identical graphics card in Cim's and koszer's cases, and better graphics card in redrumloa's case.

    > using different Quake 3 settings

    Funny "counter argument", as even with the lowest possible settings the claimed 140 FPS cannot be reached apparently. Trying to mimic the settings applied during the 2010 presentation can thus only lead to even worse results, don't you think?

    > on the MorphOS 3.0 release

    Yes, as that's the one said to come with the improved R200 3D driver which was shown back in 2010.

    > gets different results

    Much lower results actually.

    > than a third party report

    The result is what counts, not who is reporting the result.

    > of a demonstration of a development version of MorphOS 2 years ago?

    One would think that during those 2 years of further development the driver has become even better, or kept the same at least, not become worse, right?

    > you're feeling so strongly about the issue

    As said, I'm merely curious as to where the performance presented 2 years ago has gone. Do you know it? I'm looking forward to your valuable contribution to this thread's topic. Maybe with your help we can solve the mystery.

    > that you seem to think it's a good idea to spam every single thread on MorphZone with
    > your nonsensical complaints?

    Again, no complaints from my side at all, just being curious. And looking at the outcome of this thread so far, my curiosity has been anything but nonsensical, quite contrary to any of your "contributions" to this thread so far. Besides, this "every single thread" you're fantasizing about is actually exactly 2 (verbal two) threads where I was showing my curiosity about the matter at hand, the one being this very "MorphOS 3.0 Quake III benchmarks" thread and the other being a thread where in posting #2 the poster decided to talk about the Quake 3 performance he's getting with the improved R200 3D driver.

    > So let met get this straight...

    As shown above, getting things straight is obviously not your finest skill ;-)
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