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    Thanks for that response, I appreciate the frankness of your reply, as I always wondered fully about where you, and Christoph Poelzl, managed to get to with PGS5 for MorphOS, and Deron's (sadly lack of) willingness to continue forward, from your efforts, to a successful release of PGS5.

    I tend to agree with your assessment of Deron's current "drive" with completing PGS5 for ANY of the OS's he released PGS5 for. It always seemed to me to be too big a project for one person to successfully develop & bug-fix for Windows, MacOSX (x86 & PPC), Linux (i64, x86 & PPC), Amiga (68k, PPC -> OS4 & MorphOS) platforms all being developed concurrently.

    I also agree that it would be difficult in the extreme for anyone else to complete the program for PageStream 5 for MorphOS, or any other OS that it was initially released for, without some or all of the knowledge of how the program is put together to implement it as a working/fully functional release. The chances of Deron releasing PageStream as some licensed/freely available code for anyone to work on would also seem highly unlikely, but would be more of a chance that it might eventually be achieved, as I feel Deron has probably "given up" on ever completing it now, sadly.

    Since my comment on Page 2 #48 I have had no response from Deron / PageStream Support, which is never a good sign, and he rarely replies to direct questions about the future of PageStream, even on PageStream User Group on Yahoo. As he seems very selective about what he will answer questions about, which is a real shame.

    I, and I am sure anyone else with a vested interest in the future of PageStream, would preferably appreciate an honest answer from Deron as to PageStream's future. I paid for it's v5 stable future release, and I've certainly not had my money/product value delivered as yet, and I've been waiting for about 10 years now. Those of us who supported the program over the years really deserve a better outcome than where we are currently.

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