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    I sent a message to Support at PageStream only a few days ago .... but .... I haven't heard back from Deron as yet, as he's probably out running his "Husky" or other dog pack, or just taking care of the dogs that he and his wife breed, at this time of year - Deron and Marna Kazmaier - South Dakota

    Sadly, I don't think Deron's "heart" is in programming PageStream any more, for ANY platform. I really wish it was, but the heady days of frantic activity on the Amiga, though I can't speak for other supported (PageStream hibernating) platforms, are long gone it seems.

    It really is a favourite program that I still use, though it has to be PageStream v4.1.5.6 Pro as the later releases (5.x.x.x) are just too flaky, for any of the OS platforms you might use and buy PageStream for. That said, I believe you can still buy v4.1.5.6 for the Amiga, which is still a very useful program, but there are so many other OS's with so many other DTP or at least comprehensive WordProcessor packages you could use that it would be hard for Deron to work up the enthusiasm to get "back in the saddle" and finish v5.x.x.x to everyone's satisfaction - even if it was only for the Amiga.

    I think there are not as many Windows, Mac, or Linux customers, unless they had to take a Windows or another version of PageStream v5.x.x.x while the Amiga v5 was so unuseable initially. The offer of the side-migration to another OS than the Amiga was a temporary step to be able to use a better, more stable, version than the Amiga v5, which never, so far, has got useable. I took up that option, but even the Windows version 5.x.x.x was too flaky even for me, so I returned to v4.1.5.6 Pro.

    Overall, after I had paid for v5 (Windows-migrated from OS3+OS4) I found it to be of very little use/stability on any platform and so it is mothballed, to all intents and purposes, probably in perpetuity.

    If I hear back from Deron with any news on PageStream I will update this thread, but don't hold your breath !! Likewise if anyone else hears from Deron with such news then I would like to hear about anything positive.
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