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    Thanks Leo for your answer :-)

    I look that :

    Known problems:

    - USB devices don't work on mac99.

    - The OpenBIOS firmware does not correctly describe PCI buses of the emulated machine which makes MorphOS try to access devices on the wrong PCI bus. This OpenBIOS patch provides a workaround, a patched OpenBIOS binary is here.

    - Mouse movement periodically freezes and CPU usage is high on mac99.
    This is caused by a high priority temperature.sensor task which presumably tries to access temperature sensors over I2C but this is not emulated by QEMU so this hangs waiting for an interrupt which is not delivered so it has to time out. Workaround is to lower priority of this task from Utilities / Task Manager until this is implemented in QEMU.<\li>

    - MorphOS does not boot on sam460ex
    For some reason it cannot find PCI devices and cannot boot because of that (either won't find SATA controller and thus boot CD or HD or if booting from usb-storage with the SD card image it won't find display device so no output). This problem may actually exist on real hardware too according to this forum thread, where similar issues are reported but I'm not sure. It looks like MorphOS tries to access PCI registers with an offset of 2 for some reason. This may not happen on real hardware or may wrap in some way and provide different results with some devices working and others failing or people just use PCIe graphics and avoid PCI devices.

    Maybe some improvement by MorphOS Team for a best emulation in next release?
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